Adobong Zucchini

Ingredients 1 tbsp coconut oil2 pcs zucchini, cut into chunks1 head garlic, minced1/4 cup coconut vinegar2 tbsp soy sauce1 block tofu, cut into cubes1 tsp whole peppercornshandful French beans, cut into 1″ slices1 stalk onion leek, chopped Procedure In a wok or pan over high heat, pour oil. Make sure oil is hot before addingContinue reading “Adobong Zucchini”

Gulay Grazing Table

Lazy kitchen hacks to feed 4 hungry gulay packers (when you’re one of them): cut veg, season generously with salt, pepper, spices and/or herbs, fat of your choice. Grill or roast in a preheated grill pan or oven. You’ll know its ready once its nicely caramelized and your house is filled with the smell ofContinue reading “Gulay Grazing Table”

Palak Na Walang Paneer, Vegetable Fritters, Turmeric Brown Rice

This was our family lunch on January 28. It was goooood. No doubt inspired by Ernest’s Christmas party offering which was in turn inspired by the great Kitchen Goddess Lea Co, our nourishment practice finds itself in a growing tradition of good food. Yield: 4 servings Palak na walang PaneerIngredients: 1 tsp fennel1/2 pc cinnamonContinue reading “Palak Na Walang Paneer, Vegetable Fritters, Turmeric Brown Rice”

Seasonal Vegetables with Rice Noodles

I have come to believe that with a jar of gochujang you can do anything. Ate Celia seems to agree. And we do know that what Ate Celia says is Truth with a capital T. This family lunch was memorable because of the no-nonsense way that Ate Celia shoveled the rest of this dish untoContinue reading “Seasonal Vegetables with Rice Noodles”

Okra Stew

This was our team lunch last Dec 3, 2019. It was so good we forgot to take a photo! As the Amihan brings its cooling winds, it was the perfect warming family meal made with whatever our farmers shared 🙂 Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 1 stalk onion leek, coarsely chopped 2 cloves garlic, mincedContinue reading “Okra Stew”