Wednesday Rice Soup

by Mabi David Subscribers usually have a go-to recipe every Wednesday to finish the last of the produce in their tampipi, before the next farmshare comes. This one is inspired by the Japanese zosui soup, and is reminiscent of the different kinds of sinabawang kanin that we Pinoys love doing when dining on soupy ulam.Continue reading “Wednesday Rice Soup”

Carrot-Radish Kimchi Pasta with Gabi Cheese

One of our team’s go-to pasta dishes. Try this with our Quarantine Kimchi or make a quick and easy version: shred carrot and radish (ratio depending on what you want, more carrots for a sweet undertone, or radish for a crisp/spicy note), add some Korean red pepper flakes, garlic and ginger paste, sesame seeds, sesameContinue reading “Carrot-Radish Kimchi Pasta with Gabi Cheese”

March 3 Family Lunch – Sourdough Okonomiyaki, Tortang Talong

Sourdough OkonomiyakiIngredientsBatter1/2 cup sourdough starter, unfed/discard1 cup water2 tbsp shio koji (optional)1 cup unbleached bread flour1/2 tsp baking soda1 pc eggpinch salt Filling1 head cabbage, shredded3 pcs medium carrots, shredded2 pcs red radish, shredded To taste saltTo taste pepper Procedure Combine all ingredients for the batter. Whisk until well combined. Let it sit at roomContinue reading “March 3 Family Lunch – Sourdough Okonomiyaki, Tortang Talong”

Lumpia Two-Ways

Looking at these photos, I feel as though I must demand a taste tax for writing an introduction. How can I introduce a recipe (nay, two!) that I have never tasted? It is unthinkable, inauthentic, oppressive, manipulative…So you can use most seasonal vegetables you get in your tampipi; the secret is the… wait for it…DIVERSITYContinue reading “Lumpia Two-Ways”

Organic Vegetable Stock

Why is buying organic worthwhile? Not only do you pay for the respect towards soil and people, BUT YOU CAN ALSO USE THE WHOLE VEGETABLE! Stems, peels, roots and skins of plants actually have a lot of flavor and nutrients but they may be too tough (and not too pleasant) to chew. The BEST thingContinue reading “Organic Vegetable Stock”