Judd’s Tampipi Feast

Recipes and photos by CSA subscriber, Judd Uy. Pan-roasted Eggplant and Sautéed Spinach Ingredients4 pcs eggplant, cut into half lengthwise3 cloves, garlic, mincedbunch spinach, washedolive oil as needed1-2 tbsp balsamic vinegar (optional)salt and pepper to taste Using a sharp knife, score the eggplant into cross-hatched patterns. Heat oil in a pan and sear the eggplant.Continue reading “Judd’s Tampipi Feast”

CSA Giniling

Here’s a template so that you can turn the hearty vegetables you’ll see in your tampipi (carrots, cauliflower, squash, potato, kamote, or even cabbage) into an all-around vegan mince that we call CSA giniling and make some bolognese for lunch or dinner. We like to make a big batch, which we then portion and freeze.Continue reading “CSA Giniling”

Trash bin cake

a regular technique by Paul and Sandra https://www.instagram.com/p/CEEpEvdBQoh3zDT1PyFG2gtG2fMxR7qihNBSLQ0/ 4 eggs 180g flour 2 tsp baking powder half cup liquid (milk or stock) 1/4 c oil 150g cheese 350 to 400g roasted vegs 200g protein (ham/ bacon/ sausage/ chicken, basta leftovers) Proportions vary, really depends on what we have in the fridge.

Sneaking Sustansya in Sinigang and Other Tips on Teaching Kids About Nutrition and Veggies

We asked moms about teaching kids about nutrition and about their experiences with vegetable deliveries in Metro Manila. Learn about the tips they shared and a bonus tuna nicoise salad recipe.

Korean soybean paste stew (DOENJANG JIGAE)

by Me & My Veg Mouth 5-7 pcs dried mushrooms1 T vegetable oil1 large onion, diced3-4 potatoes, diced (equivalent of 1 cup)1 piece sayote, diced (equivalent of 1 cup)4 garlic cloves, minced3 c water (or 2 c water and 1 c mushroom soaking liquid)5 T Korean soybean paste (doenjang)1 T soy sauce 1 T muscovado sugar1/2Continue reading “Korean soybean paste stew (DOENJANG JIGAE)”

Japanese vegetable curry

One of the things I knew I’d miss turning vegan was Japanese curry. Those slim rectangular boxes with the familiar wide band and gold font are recognizable everywhere and a lifesaver when you want a quick bowl of no-nonsense #curry that delivers on the umami. But I couldn’t read the long ingredients list, so I wasn’t sureContinue reading “Japanese vegetable curry”

Corn Chowder

Yield: 4 servings Ingredients2 pcs corn ears1 tbsp oil1 tbsp butter4 cloves garlic, minced2 stalk onion leeks, chopped2 pcs medium potato, diced1 pc medium carrot, diced1 pc medium bell pepper, diced2 cups vegetable stock2 tbsp shio koji (optional but makes a world of difference!)1/4 cup cheddar cheese (optional, any hard cheese will do)To taste saltToContinue reading “Corn Chowder”