Japanese vegetable curry

One of the things I knew I’d miss turning vegan was Japanese curry. Those slim rectangular boxes with the familiar wide band and gold font are recognizable everywhere and a lifesaver when you want a quick bowl of no-nonsense #curry that delivers on the umami. But I couldn’t read the long ingredients list, so I wasn’t sureContinue reading “Japanese vegetable curry”

Seasonal Vegetables with Rice Noodles

I have come to believe that with a jar of gochujang you can do anything. Ate Celia seems to agree. And we do know that what Ate Celia says is Truth with a capital T. This family lunch was memorable because of the no-nonsense way that Ate Celia shoveled the rest of this dish untoContinue reading “Seasonal Vegetables with Rice Noodles”

Creamy White Bean, Patola and Miso Soup

by Me & My Veg Mouth Serves 8 to 10 as side, 4 to 6 as main Here’s a creamy way to enjoy miso as the weather becomes cooler. This was a hit in our miso making class, and we used an 8-month-old chickpea miso. The miso takes the place of salt in this recipe.Continue reading “Creamy White Bean, Patola and Miso Soup”

A Meditation on Vegetables

by Asha Peri A most productive and meditative morning spent interacting with all the veggies from Good Food Community‘s tampipi. Subscribing to a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) basket means that you let go of expectations and you trust that nature will give what is good for you because your veggies are harvested in perfect timing. What youContinue reading “A Meditation on Vegetables”