Chinese Lumpia

Yield 6 servings Feb 4, 2021 team lunch by Char. One that I think will be on our list of top meals of the year! This was especially prepared for Cara’s pre-birthday celebration by the Tan household, with Tita Helen and Ate Sinta dancing while cutting the veg. No wonder we all enjoyed the food!Continue reading “Chinese Lumpia”

Taro Cake

Yield 6 servings Ingredients 400g taro, peeled, steamed until fork tender, about 30 minutes4 pcs dried shiitake mushrooms, rehydrated (soak in hot water) and chopped coarsely2 cloves garlic, minced1-inch knob ginger, grated1 pc carrot, cut into small dice3 stalks chives or onion leeks, chopped1/4 cup glutinous rice flour, mixed with 1/8 cup water (you canContinue reading “Taro Cake”

Korean soybean paste stew (DOENJANG JIGAE)

by Me & My Veg Mouth 5-7 pcs dried mushrooms1 T vegetable oil1 large onion, diced3-4 potatoes, diced (equivalent of 1 cup)1 piece sayote, diced (equivalent of 1 cup)4 garlic cloves, minced3 c water (or 2 c water and 1 c mushroom soaking liquid)5 T Korean soybean paste (doenjang)1 T soy sauce 1 T muscovado sugar1/2Continue reading “Korean soybean paste stew (DOENJANG JIGAE)”