Any Leaf Potangher

Inspired by Nanay Baby from the Dumagats in Rizal who taught us her go-to recipe for a Food for Peace event. Mabi adapted it to work on practically any green leafy veg you get in your tampipi. We used kamote tops for this recipe. Ingredientsgreen leafies (kamote tops, spinach, cassava leaves, kale, etc)sea saltgingergarlicbird’s eyeContinue reading “Any Leaf Potangher”

Lumpia Two-Ways

Looking at these photos, I feel as though I must demand a taste tax for writing an introduction. How can I introduce a recipe (nay, two!) that I have never tasted? It is unthinkable, inauthentic, oppressive, manipulative…So you can use most seasonal vegetables you get in your tampipi; the secret is the… wait for it…DIVERSITYContinue reading “Lumpia Two-Ways”