Some Vegetable Juicing Health Benefits + Reminders

It isn’t necessarily true that vegetable juicing at home is for everyone. But we believe that for some, it’s a great way to consume antioxidant rich, immunity boosting fruits and vegetables despite the busy schedule.

For young professionals who are always working, food options can be limited to what is near the office – or these days, what can be prepared or delivered at home. So, juicing could present a good alternative.

Vegetable juicing health benefits and reminders for juicing at home
Photo by Valeria Ushakova from Pexels

What are some vegetable juicing benefits? Let us count the ways.

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Food Security and Farmers Conference in 2019: Notes from Food. Farming.Freedom

When we trace our relationship with food systems to farmers, the concerns of a chef who needs to source and showcase Filipino produce can seem no different from that of a parent who wants to feed the family. Or of young professionals who are hungry for ways to support social change, educators of young children, or advocates for nutrition and fitness. This apparent web was tackled head on at a farming and food security conference that our team helped organize.

Last October 26, 2019, the Good Food Community team coordinated with different groups to put up the Food. Farming. Freedom conference. The goal of the conference was to tackle the complexities faced by farmers in relation to food security in the Philippines.

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