Judd’s Tampipi Feast

Recipes and photos by CSA subscriber, Judd Uy. Pan-roasted Eggplant and Sautéed Spinach Ingredients4 pcs eggplant, cut into half lengthwise3 cloves, garlic, mincedbunch spinach, washedolive oil as needed1-2 tbsp balsamic vinegar (optional)salt and pepper to taste Using a sharp knife, score the eggplant into cross-hatched patterns. Heat oil in a pan and sear the eggplant.Continue reading “Judd’s Tampipi Feast”

Eggplant Patties

Ingredients5 pcs eggplant1 cup dried chickpeas, soaked overnight and boiled until soft (you can use other beans)1 head garlic, peeled1 tbsp tahini (optional)1/4 cup semolina flour1 tsp cumin2 tsp kebab seasoning (mix of coriander, allspice, cumin, black pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, bay leaves)pinch sumac (optional)To taste saltAs needed oil for grilling/frying Procedure Pre-heat oven to 350FContinue reading “Eggplant Patties”

Squash Eggplant Bake

Ingredients 500g squash, 1″ slices500g eggplant, 1″ slices or halved Bean Bolognese2 tbsp butter or olive oil2 cloves garlic2 stalks onion leeks250g cherry tomatoes or regular tomatoes150g fragrant beans, soaked, sprouted and cooked500ml bean water or as needed2 tsp Italian seasoning (thyme, oregano, rosemary)To taste saltTo taste pepper Cheese Sauce500ml cashew cream250ml all purpose cream250gContinue reading “Squash Eggplant Bake”

Grilled Eggplant with Roasted Cherry tomatoes

One of the easiest eggplant dish / appetizer. Grill the eggplant until nicely charred and the flesh is soft and creamy. Place in a deep plate and pour some roasted cherry tomatoes in olive oil. I normally have a stock of roasted cherry tomatoes with herbs (in this case rosemary, but thyme and oregano isContinue reading “Grilled Eggplant with Roasted Cherry tomatoes”

Trash bin cake

a regular technique by Paul and Sandra https://www.instagram.com/p/CEEpEvdBQoh3zDT1PyFG2gtG2fMxR7qihNBSLQ0/ 4 eggs 180g flour 2 tsp baking powder half cup liquid (milk or stock) 1/4 c oil 150g cheese 350 to 400g roasted vegs 200g protein (ham/ bacon/ sausage/ chicken, basta leftovers) Proportions vary, really depends on what we have in the fridge.

Deconstructed Lasagna

Lasagna might seem complicated because there are several components but you can always prep them in advance and assemble/cook as needed. IngredientsPesto1 cup basil, blanched1 head garlic, minced1/2 cup cashews, roastedto taste saltto taste pepper1/2 cup olive oil Combine all ingredients except the oil in a food processor and puree. Slowly drizzle olive oil whileContinue reading “Deconstructed Lasagna”

Dips! Babaganoush, BEET COCONUT PUREE

BabaganoushYield: 4 servingsIngredients5 pcs eggplant2 tbsp sesame seeds, toasted1/4 cup olive oil2 tsp lemon juicepinch sumac (optional)To taste salt Procedure Grill eggplant until skin turns black. Let it cool then peel off the skin. Combine peeled eggplant and the rest of the ingredients in a blender or food processor. Puree until smooth. Add more oliveContinue reading “Dips! Babaganoush, BEET COCONUT PUREE”

Gulay Grazing Table

Lazy kitchen hacks to feed 4 hungry gulay packers (when you’re one of them): cut veg, season generously with salt, pepper, spices and/or herbs, fat of your choice. Grill or roast in a preheated grill pan or oven. You’ll know its ready once its nicely caramelized and your house is filled with the smell ofContinue reading “Gulay Grazing Table”

March 3 Family Lunch – Sourdough Okonomiyaki, Tortang Talong

Sourdough OkonomiyakiIngredientsBatter1/2 cup sourdough starter, unfed/discard1 cup water2 tbsp shio koji (optional)1 cup unbleached bread flour1/2 tsp baking soda1 pc eggpinch salt Filling1 head cabbage, shredded3 pcs medium carrots, shredded2 pcs red radish, shredded To taste saltTo taste pepper Procedure Combine all ingredients for the batter. Whisk until well combined. Let it sit at roomContinue reading “March 3 Family Lunch – Sourdough Okonomiyaki, Tortang Talong”