Lumpia Two-Ways

Looking at these photos, I feel as though I must demand a taste tax for writing an introduction. How can I introduce a recipe (nay, two!) that I have never tasted? It is unthinkable, inauthentic, oppressive, manipulative…So you can use most seasonal vegetables you get in your tampipi; the secret is the… wait for it…DIVERSITYContinue reading “Lumpia Two-Ways”

Seasonal Vegetables with Rice Noodles

I have come to believe that with a jar of gochujang you can do anything. Ate Celia seems to agree. And we do know that what Ate Celia says is Truth with a capital T. This family lunch was memorable because of the no-nonsense way that Ate Celia shoveled the rest of this dish untoContinue reading “Seasonal Vegetables with Rice Noodles”

Organic Vegetable Stock

Why is buying organic worthwhile? Not only do you pay for the respect towards soil and people, BUT YOU CAN ALSO USE THE WHOLE VEGETABLE! Stems, peels, roots and skins of plants actually have a lot of flavor and nutrients but they may be too tough (and not too pleasant) to chew. The BEST thingContinue reading “Organic Vegetable Stock”

Braised Daikon and Green Papaya

By Mabi David / Me & My Veg Mouth 1 lb of peeled and chopped/sliced daikon and green papaya 2 T soy sauce 1/4 c mirin 2-3 pcs dried shiitake mushrooms 2-inch strip of dried kelp (optional) Make the dashi Slice the daikon in 3/4-inch thick rounds, slice the papaya in roughly the same size. Add to pan andContinue reading “Braised Daikon and Green Papaya”