Palak Na Walang Paneer, Vegetable Fritters, Turmeric Brown Rice

This was our family lunch on January 28. It was goooood. No doubt inspired by Ernest’s Christmas party offering which was in turn inspired by the great Kitchen Goddess Lea Co, our nourishment practice finds itself in a growing tradition of good food. Yield: 4 servings Palak na walang PaneerIngredients: 1 tsp fennel1/2 pc cinnamonContinue reading “Palak Na Walang Paneer, Vegetable Fritters, Turmeric Brown Rice”

Organic Vegetable Stock

Why is buying organic worthwhile? Not only do you pay for the respect towards soil and people, BUT YOU CAN ALSO USE THE WHOLE VEGETABLE! Stems, peels, roots and skins of plants actually have a lot of flavor and nutrients but they may be too tough (and not too pleasant) to chew. The BEST thingContinue reading “Organic Vegetable Stock”