• A variety of mandarin oranges that is the among the first to ripen
  • Considered the juiciest in the family, satsumas are semi-seedless too!

Did you know…?
There was a popular superstition in Edo-period Japan that eating seedless satsuma causes infertility! 

Farm of origin. Named after the former Satsuma province in Japan, this local variety is grown by our partner farmers in Aritao in Nueva Vizcaya, majority of whom belong to the Kalanguya, Ibaloi, and Kankana-ey IP community. 

Health benefits. One satsuma can meet 30% of the recommended daily value for Vitamin C, which helps heal wounds, supports our immune system, and improves iron absorption. Satsuma is also a good source of potassium for the regulation of blood pressure, and is rich in fiber for healthy bowels.


  • Don’t be fooled by the green rind of this local variety!  Satsumas coloring is dependent on the climate. The green rind is a mark of satsumas grown in the humid tropics. Those grown in cool temperate climates turn orange. 
  • Keep them on the kitchen counter and they can last up to 5 days, or 3 weeks inside the fridge.

Great for mid-day snacking. The satsuma is typically sweet with a bit of tartness, and a pulpy flesh that yields a lot of juice. The thin rind is easy to peel too, making it a kid-friendly Vitamin C-rich snack. One satsuma has 35 to 50 calories so it’s a perfect low-calorie midday snack, and the mild tartness is a great pick-me-up! 

Eat and drink.

  • Eat fresh. The flesh is quite delicate but the segments separate easily. Just remove the tougher white membranes.
  • Use the juice in Asian vinaigrette, mixed with some EVOO, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, spring onions, salt and pepper; 
  • Or make some sweet, spicy and sticky glaze for salmon, pork, eggplant, or tofu by mixing the juice with soy sauce, sugar, ginger, and chili flakes. No need for cornstarch–high heat will thicken it! 
  • Mix the juice and zest with some peanut butter, soy sauce, honey, garlic and onion powders, chili oil, and a splash of water to make peanut sauce for fresh spring rolls. 
  • Make some satsuma granita with the juice, and candied satsuma peel! A zero-waste treat!

Satsuma-Peanut Sauce

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