Few people can resist the woodsy energising aroma of this popular perennial herb—and we have been getting gorgeous ones from our upland farmers. It’s perfect in roasts, and has a great flavour affinity with potatoes, garlic, lemon, and olive oil. Add some Kalinga white beans to the equation and you’ve got a comforting bowl of white bean, rosemary, and potato soup. Up your salad game by adding some minced rosemary in your balsamic vinaigrette or make rosemary infused olive oil. Rosemary also loves baked goods—and we have used it with the zest of our citruses to make some of the best-smelling sourdoughs around. Feeling adventurous? Try some rosemary with your chocolate chip cookies, cake or shortbread. Remember though that rosemary, while a great flavour enhancer, can also overwhelm a dish so use it judiciously. Use the stems in stocks or soups if you want just a hint of this potent herb (or your gin cocktails—trust us). Rinse under cold running water and then pat dry before use. No matter how you use it, prepare for its heady scent to take over your kitchen and trigger some much-needed cold-weather nostalgia.


Simply wrap your rosemary sprigs in a damp paper towel and place it in a zip lock bag. Seal the bag and place it in the crisper of your refrigerator. This should keep it fresh for up to three weeks.


Rosemary White Bean Soup
Squash Risotto with Rosemary Brown Butter
Kamote Roti with Rosemary
Rosemary Shortbread Cookies


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