Ernest’s week with farmers in the mountain province

Bauko is not very easy to get to. It used to take Char or Drei 6 hours by bus to Baguio, then 4 hours by twisting-and-turning bus to jump-off “cliff” side, then a good thirty-minute breathtaking motorcycle ride where you can enjoy the view or contemplate the fullness of your life without a helmet. WithContinue reading “Ernest’s week with farmers in the mountain province”

“Ipanalo natin ‘to.”

Would you like to know my mom’s mother’s day wish? Manalo sana si Leni. To everyone she meets, she asks: kay Leni ba tayo? And if there’s hesitation she says, think about your children. What nation would they inherit? Think about the human rights violations– every missing person was someone’s child. Every person who stoodContinue reading ““Ipanalo natin ‘to.””

speak out, reach out & the april 28 gulay board

As citizens we must prevent wrongdoing because the world in which we all live, wrong-doer, wrong sufferer and spectator, is at stake. – Hannah Arendt As the elections near, the urgency to reach out and connect with others is at its height. Have we spoken to everyone we possibly could? Any doors left un-knocked, anyContinue reading “speak out, reach out & the april 28 gulay board”

Consumer Rights Contest Mechanics

When: March 15 to 31, 2021 What: e-Poster Making Contest Theme/Question: As consumers, how do we protect everyone’s right to safe and healthy food? / Bilang mga consumer, paano natin pangangalagaan ang karapatan nating lahat sa ligtas at masustansyang pagkain? Prizes: 10 winners (10 teams of parent and child) of 1.5 to 2 hours onlineContinue reading “Consumer Rights Contest Mechanics”

More Kitchen Management Tips and Insights on Community Shared Agriculture From One of Our Subscriber Moms

In part two of our video interview with one of our mom subscribers, she shares more kitchen management tips. She also talked about what motivated her to subscribe to our community shared agriculture and the insights she’s learned about the state of our local farmers.

Breakfast Salad Recipes From Our Quarantine Cooking Recipe Exchange

The salad recipes we got from our subscribers on our quarantine cooking recipe exchange provided easy, colorful, delicious, satisfying and healthy. They can be diabetic-friendly and can align with your doctor’s prescribed way of eating.