“Ipanalo natin ‘to.”

Would you like to know my mom’s mother’s day wish? Manalo sana si Leni. To everyone she meets, she asks: kay Leni ba tayo? And if there’s hesitation she says, think about your children. What nation would they inherit? Think about the human rights violations– every missing person was someone’s child. Every person who stood up for love of country, love for the poor, love for the environment. Think of the debt our children’s children would still be paying for because of all those shady agreements selling us off in pieces.

I’m amazed at my mom. How she can keep the hope alive, how she can love so much, so deeply. That’s the kind of leadership that strengthens me, that calls to my capacity to love. It appears to be the same for Leni. She doesn’t have the machinery nor the resources to shape narratives but look at how many hearts she’s moved by her example. How to listen to the marginalized, how to treat others with respect, how to bring light in such a dark time: for awakening the civic spirit in so many of us, she’s already won.

Love to your nanays for making us who we are.

Holding tight with our farmers and our urban poor, prayers for our country.

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