Helping Our Aging Parents’ Nutritional Challenges with Vegetable Home Delivery

Monitoring the nutrition of the older adults in the household during community quarantine can be extra daunting for the adult children, especially when you factor in the need to go outside to shop and to transport the food. A vegetable home delivery service for aging parents can help reduce this stress so you can focus on food preparation and nutrition.

Nutrition for senior citizens - tips for adult children for their parents
A pre-community quarantine photo of one of our supporters Sheena and her mom Erma

Understanding seniors’ challenges with eating healthy can also help adult children and grandchildren make more inclusive choices in the household when it comes to food and their gulay delivery.

Some of these challenges include:

  • the physical inability to get around at home and outside the home
  • the lack of income for seniors to be able to buy their own food
  • their physical health making it difficult for them to cook for themselves

In the Philippines, most senior citizens have to rely on their children, grandchildren or relatives because the pension system often benefits only those who have been employed in formal and regular work arrangements. (Deleon, Dr. Aurora. “The Quality of Life of the Filipino Elderly in Selected Cities and Provinces.” Tsao Foundation, September 2014)

A week’s worth of veg for our very own Mabi and her mom

In addition to the money matters and problems of being able to move, carers for seniors need to consider:

  • How medicines change the taste of food
  • The decreased sense of smell and taste in them
  • And their problems with chewing and swallowing food caused by weekend teeth and muscles

When it comes to eating, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute recommends a diet with 3 daily services of vegetables, 2 daily servings of fruit and 4 servings of grains and root crops like bread, noodles or rice.

You can add color and texture to these by serving them as soups or patties made from the contents of your vegetable subscription box.

Provide them with a daily 6-8 glasses of liquids like juice, tea, milk or milk alternatives and water.

Give them as a sense of community. While the quarantine makes this challenging, eating with those whom you stay at home with or the regular video call before or during meals helps provide that sense of connection that is so crucial in these times. (Here’s hoping we can have Community Kitchens again next year 🤞.)

Subscribe to our vegetable delivery service at home for aging parents in Manila. But you can have it for your partner and siblings too. This, while helping urban poor families. Get a Gulay Pambahay pack when you order our Gulay Para Sa Lahat Share. This is part of our Lingap Maralita project in partnership with The Vegan Neighbors Philippines.

Vegetable home delivery - gulay pambahay

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