Some Vegetable Juicing Health Benefits + Reminders

It isn’t necessarily true that vegetable juicing at home is for everyone. But we believe that for some, it’s a great way to consume antioxidant rich, immunity boosting fruits and vegetables despite the busy schedule.

For young professionals who are always working, food options can be limited to what is near the office – or these days, what can be prepared or delivered at home. So, juicing could present a good alternative.

Vegetable juicing health benefits and reminders for juicing at home
Photo by Valeria Ushakova from Pexels

What are some vegetable juicing benefits? Let us count the ways.

  • It’s a way to consume vegetables if they aren’t part of your day to day. The caveat to having food delivered is that it has to be fast and it has to be affordable. These meals typically consist of a cup of rice, fried or roasted meat and sauce. Vegetable juicing for health is a great way to get some zen during your weekend and your much needed dose of immunity-boosting antioxidants.
  • They promote a healthy gut. A study on the Role of microbiome published in the Science Report noted that the general well being of their subjects increased after a 3-day juice-based diet. The diet altered their gut bacteria to show signs associated with weight loss too.
  • You can prepare veggie juice in advance. With the right storage equipment like a pitcher, mason jar or jug, you can make juice ahead of time, during the weekend. Refrigerate it for you to enjoy during your work week. Just make sure you’re storing the juice in an airtight container that prevents leaks and oxidation.
  • Vegetable juice drinks can be portable. Current travel restrictions aside, you can bring your vegetable juice anywhere. Pour some into a reusable tumbler and bring to your office or to the park.

A few reminders to make sure you get as much vegetable juicing benefits as you can at home.

  • Fiber and your juicer – Not all juicers can retain the fiber from fruits and vegetables. So it’s important to look for one that can do this so that you can have the full cleansing benefits of the juice. Here are some recommendations from Sprint Kitchen.
  • Don’t add in produce straightaway – Most juicers will require you to pre- wash and pre-cut the fruits and vegetables into manageable pieces. This prevents any blockage. If they have seeds, you should also remove those. Some like apples and cucumber are good to be processed with peel and skins. Juicer Land provides some helpful insights on how to prepare fruits and vegetables before juicing.

We hope these insights help you have an enjoyable time juicing at home. Check out our Kulay Pack to get a supply of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables that support the livelihood of Filipino farmers.

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