Join Our Community Kitchen Share Recipes and Ideas on Food & Farming

What’s a good way to spend your Saturdays? Some folks who believe in supporting Filipino farmers got a chance to join our community kitchen.

Last November 23, 2019, a small group of subscribers, volunteers, and people in the food and beverage industry in Metro Manila got to break banana bread with each other over conversations about agriculture, commuting in the city, eating beets and, what cocktails to make of the tamarillo. 

They also got to enjoy meals of vegetable-based dishes prepared by friends and volunteers of the Good Food Community team.

The dishes that were centered around Thanksgiving were made with ingredients you can find in your typical community shared agriculture (CSA) subscriptions: sayote, squash, banana, french beans, rice, yacon, and langka.

Community Dinner Sayote Soup
Community Dinner Langka Steak

For dessert, everyone was treated to a cup of brewed coffee (or tea) and squash ice cream with ooey-gooey yacon fudge and banana crackers.

Guests took home a slice of banana bread (great for reheating the next day with a dab of jam or butter) along with memories of a stimulating evening.

In 2020, the Good Food Community team is happy to launch monthly community kitchen sessions on a Saturday. Here, you can sign up as a student regardless of your cooking skill levels.

Anyone can join at Php 1,000. Subscribers get Php 200 off and pay Php 800 only. Good Food Community’s volunteers and facilitators can walk you through how to prepare vegetables into meals that you and the people you care for can enjoy.

Introductions start at 2:00 pm encourage guests to be at the venue 15 minutes before. Cooking starts at 2:15 pm where we all help out on the tasks. Dinner begins at 5:30 pm where we all sit down, talk and share!

Bring your team, your friends, your significant other, or your parents and siblings along — we’d love to get to know them.

The first event will be in February. Learn more about what to expect here. Sign up for our community kitchen here.

You can also shoot an email to or follow us on Facebook

In the meantime, you can support our CSA. check out our available subscriptions, selecting one, and enjoying fruits and vegetables by our local farmers.


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