The Organic Choice: Why it Matters

by Micah Lima


When was the last time you consciously made a choice to purposefully create the kind of life you want for yourself? Each day, we’re presented with choices: what to do, where to go, what to eat… With hundreds of choices to be made each day, it’s so easy to go on automatic mode. We can go for the usual, the typical, the fast, the quick. And these very choices are the exact same choices that become the foundation of our day to day life and our trajectory towards the future. Sheena Iyengar, Columbia University Professor and author of The Art of Choosing wrote,

“When we speak of choice, what we mean is the ability to exercise control over ourselves and our environment. In order to choose, we must first perceive that control is possible.”

Good Food Community has been an advocate of organic agriculture because of a choice: a choice to cast a vote in building a community and an environment that is healthy, sustainable, and, of course, full of love. But, what do all these mean?


Organic agriculture is all about how farmers choose to grow and produce food. In order to be considered “organic,” the processes employed should meet strict standards. These standards make sure that the land used for farming is healthy and free of toxic chemicals which may be found in synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. These standards seek to reduce pollution and are designed to ensure that the earth’s soil remains healthy and fertile, as opposed to chemical-ridden and substandard due to inorganic agricultural practices.

Other than its environmental impact, organic produce are easily considered healthier and a lot more palatable! Food produced through organic means are free of toxic chemicals such as neurotoxins–toxins that damage the nerve cells. These chemicals may be found in pesticides that are still being used in growing food today.

Going organic is not fast, going organic is not easy, going organic isn’t always cheap. But it matters and it should be done.

Consider each choice you make each day another step you make to creating the world you want. Make it deliberate. Make it intentional. Make it with conviction. This is what we’ve been working hard on. This is what we’ve been building. We always believed that a community that makes choices that matter, choices that are sustainable, thoughtful, healthy, and good is worth our while. This is why we choose to go organic. We hope to see more lands grow green, and we hope we could make it happen with you.

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Peace, Love& Patola,
Good Food Community


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Good Food Community is an alternative distribution system based on ethical and ecological farming that transforms consumers into co-producers.

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